Sarah M

Lisa worked with my son who suffers from OCD and used to wash his hands until they were red and sore. Lisa helped connect us with the clinic psychiatrist to get [my son] on the right medication, she worked with the school psychologist to get him support at school, and she worked with [my son] and the family to get him the help he needed to reduce the urges and be more aware of what his mind is telling him.
-Sarah M., mother of former client.

Michelle B

Lisa worked with my 15 year old daughter who was struggling with anxiety and bullying at school. Lisa helped my daughter talk through her concerns and find positive ways to handle them.
-Michelle B., mother of former client.

Heather Aberle

Lisa has strong humanistic skills that enable her to show her natural warmth and develop rapport quickly with her clients.
-Heather Aberle MA

Lindsey Fagan

Lisa displayed independence and intelligence as observed in her articulate communication skills and in her ability to assess an individual’s or family’s needs. She provided appropriate clinical interventions and took time to research additional strategies in order to provide quality care for her clients. A notable strength of Lisa’s was shown in her ability to connect through building therapeutic rapport and trust with her clients.
-Lindsey Fagan LCSW, Clinical Supervisor Arapahoe Douglas Mental Health Services