Daily Couch Wisdom: Relax


How many of you have heard of a calendar test? A calendar test is simply a way to validate how your time is spent in comparison to where you may think you spend your time – “walk the walk vs. talk the talk”. A few years ago I was asked to take the calendar test. I was asked to list on a sheet of paper the 5 most important things in my life. I quickly wrote down my items – children, health, family etc., and I set down my pen. Ha! This was an easy test, I knew what was important to me.

Then the instructor asked me to pull out my personal calendar and look through my schedule for the last 3 months. Wow, guess what? My calendar didn’t always reflect those things that I valued the most, one of those being my health. All too often I put off coffee with a girlfriend, a movie with the kids, or a hike in my favorite park. I was so busy doing things, I didn’t take time out to relax or enjoy the joys of life.

Did you know when a group of 100 people were polled regarding their relaxation habits 40% reported they had never purposely set aside time for relaxation? Additionally, of those same people 45% reported they have a difficult time relaxing at all.

Our lives are so busy and we are all running in so many different directions but our health isn’t something to take for granted. When our minds are stressed, our breathing changes and oxygen flow is restricted to our body and organs. When we relax (mentally and physically), we calm our mind, allow more oxygen to flow, and we live richer healthier lives.

So relax, breathe deeply, and schedule some time to enjoy the moment.